Introduction to the PivotLink User Guide

Welcome to the PivotLink User Guide. The purpose of the PivotLink User guide is to help new and returning users to take full advantage of the features and functionality of the PivotLink application. The guide provides an overall view of the application. Some features of the PivotLink application are not documented within this guide, though an effort has been made to make this guide as comprehensive as possible.

This guide is specifically designed to provide users of the application a broad outline for day-to-day use of the application. Not all information is available on all functions of the PivotLink application in this guide.


About the PivotLink Application

PivotLink is a hosted, on-demand Business Intelligence service solution designed to deliver maximum business analytics value with minimal startup, maintenance, and support. PivotLink is designed to make it easy to create analytic models with intelligence, accuracy, and simplicity, providing a framework that integrates multiple data sources and optimizes data for reporting and analysis.

PivotLink provides drill-down analytics with ad-hoc query capabilities, featuring role-specific dashboards and sophisticated conditional formatting available on any compatible web browser or mobile device.

PivotLink assists users in making business decisions and understanding customer needs. Optimized data is securely transferred to the PivotLink data center and stored in the PivotLink on-demand services platform. making all uploaded data available to users with secure Internet access.


Available PivotLink Guides and Resources

For information on basic user functions and report access, please see the PivotLink User Guide.

For information on managing a PivotLink site as an Admin user, including setup and configuration tasks, please see the PivotLink Administration Guide.

For information on using the PivotLink Mobile App on your iPad, Android or Blackberry tablet device, please see the PivotLink Mobile App Guide.

For information on the available Web Services and API functionality available to web developers and partners, please see the PivotLink Web Services Guide.

More information about the PivotLink application can be found on the PivotLink Support site at


Contextual Help

Throughout the PivotLink application, contextual help buttons show on specific toolbars, report headers, and display fields.

Click the Contextual Help button ( contextualhelp_button.png ) to open the contextual help article associated with the current window.

Note: Not all features of the PivotLink application have associated contextual help buttons. More contextual help articles will be added to new and existing features in future versions of the PivotLink application.




Contextual Help Links Not Working?

In some cases, the contextual help links may not appear to function properly. If you find yourself trying to load a contextual help link and find a blank page or unresolved page notice, try clearing the browser's history and cookies, then click the link again. In many cases, especially after a content update, the browser may experience difficulty resolving the linked contextual help, and requires a browser cache flush to function properly. For more information on browser privacy settings, refer to Browser Security and User Passwords in the PivotLink User Guide.


Site Administrator Guide and Online Training Courses

This guide is designed for developers, programmers, and advanced users of the PivotLink application. Site Administrators responsible for maintaining a PivotLink site for multiple users can find resources and help in the online PivotLink Administration Guide. Advanced users and developers can find more information about the available Web Services components of the PivotLink application can find resources and help in the PivotLink Web Services Guide.


Education Videos

Users can also access online training videos from the Home tab of the PivotLink application. Look for the Education Videos link on the Home tab. Use the education videos to see the new and updated training videos for users, as well as expert tips and tricks.




Users can also access online training videos from the Home tab of the PivotLink application. Look for the Education Videos link on the Home tab of the PivotLink application to review new training videos for users, as well as expert tips and tricks for advanced and administration users.


Contact PivotLink


PivotLink Support Phone: 425.651.4152